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mParticle offers "a customer data platform built for mobile and native apps across all devices" mParticle, 04




Products and Services

mParticle's core features include:

  • Simplicity and organization: Clients "collect and control all" their "customer data through a single API"
  • Cross-device identification: "Recognize customers at every step of the buying process"
  • Market orchestration: "Personalize experiences across channels, partners, and screens"

Products and services include:

  • Customer Data Platform (CDP):
    • Understand the entire buying process: Merge online and offline data through collection of digital and offline customer journey data; stream it to platforms and systems
    • Understand and predict customers: "Link customer identities and profile information across internal and external systems for...customer insights"
    • Integration: "Integrate with 175+ of the leading marketing, analytics and data warehousing solutions"
    • Control your data: "Set rules to transform and filter data without having to make changes to client-side code, and monitor all integrations in real-time"
      • IDSync: "Create fine-grained identity mappings and logic to meet nuanced business requirements and share them across providers"
      • AudienceSync: "Transform raw data into actionable audience segments and sync them across paid media, CRM, and other platforms"
      • Enrichment: "Manage integrations with third-party profile enrichment providers and supplement existing data with additional customer insights"
      • Warehouses: "Instantly load data into Amazon Redshift, BigQuery and other data warehouses, BI tools, and machine learning extensions" mParticle, 05
  • Enhance analytics: "Unify data around a single customer profile to fuel better insights and attribution reporting"
  • Segmentation: Build and sync audience segments across platforms mParticle, 06
  • Data integration: "Unite disparate data sources to better understand the customer and key business metrics" mParticle, 07
  • Cross-device identification: "Improve media measurement, customer journey analytics, lifetime value modeling, and more by resolving customer identity data across disparate sources" mParticle, 08

  • Location tracking with SafeGraph integration: By integrating with SafeGraph, clients have the tools to track user physical locations, and harness machine learning to analyze the data: "mParticle customers can now create, monitor, and control server-to-server integrations with SafeGraph via the mParticle platform. With the integration enabled, brands can stream real-time mobile location data directly from their apps to SafeGraph, which will then translate long/lat coordinates into known locations and use machine learning to help brands understand their customers offline movement patterns" mParticle, 10

Privacy Policy

Data Collection: Clients "collect information based on User interaction with their mobile application(s), mobile website(s) or other digital properties where Clients have integrated with the" mParticle Platform. mParticle calls this "Client Digital Properties". Data collected through "via Client Digital Properties for the Platform includes: the date/time for a visit to a Client Digital Property, referrer information such as what search engine and search keywords Users may have used to get to a Client Digital Property, information about the browser or device your User is on such as their Operating System, as well as the city/country location of Users, and any pseudonymous tokens and mobile advertising IDs (e.g., IDFA in iOS). In addition, our Clients can choose what other User data they want to collect and store on the platform such as an IP address, location information, a User’s age, user names, real names, email addresses and other custom data points as determined by each Client."

mParticle places restrictions on data practices. They state, "We contractually prohibit Clients from placing sensitive information (e.g., passwords, authentication credentials, credit cards, social security or driver’s license numbers) or information that is deemed sensitive by applicable law or self-regulatory codes such as the Digital Advertising Alliance. mParticle functions strictly as the data processing agent of our Clients. Accordingly, other than those aforementioned restrictions, the data stored on the Platform is subject to the privacy policies of each Client".

Information sharing: Third party sharing may proceed as follows:

  • Third-party agents working as subprocessors (who must adhere to mParticle's privacy policy)
  • "To protect the rights and property of mParticle, our agents, Clients and others "
  • "In an emergency, including protection of the personal safety of any person"
  • "For the purposes of a business deal (or negotiation of a business deal) involving sale or transfer of all or a part of our business or assets"
  • In response to a lawful request by public authorities
  • mParticle "may also share aggregate or anonymous information without restriction"

Security: mParticle asserts that they take reasonable steps to protect information. They state, "We encrypt transmission of data on pages where you provide payment information or otherwise provide sensitive information. However, no security or encryption method can be guaranteed to protect information from hackers or human error. Information we collect may be stored or processed on computers located in any country where we do business".

Data retention: mParticle "retains Client data for so long as you remain are a Client and will delete Client’s information within 12 months of either party’s termination of applicable Client agreement upon written request. We retain User level data on the Platform as directed by our Clients and for a reasonable time thereafter for audit purposes and as otherwise required by law".

Opt-out: mParticle has an email-based opt-out procedure for Clients, but does not list opt-out procedures for End Users on its Privacy Policy web page. The opt-out procedure for Clients is as follows: "You may opt out of receiving promotional emails from mParticle by following the instructions in those emails. If you opt out, we may still send you non-promotional emails, such as emails about your mParticle projects or our ongoing business relationship. An individual wishing to limit the use or sharing of their data should contact email mParticle will respond within ninety (90) days to any request to delete your information. Individuals who have provided information directly to one of mParticle’s Clients must send follow-up requests to change or delete such information to that particular mParticle Client"

International law: mParticle complies with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework mParticle, 12.


Customers: Airbnb / King / Spotify / Jet / EA / SeatGeek / Ticketmaster / Gilt / Bleacher Report / Chick-fil-A / Postmates / Lilly Pulitzer mParticle, 01 / Venmo / Via / Stash / Starwood Preferred Guest / Draft / StockTwits / OKCupid / NBCUniversal / Turner / theSkimm / Lakes Fifth Avenue / Lululemon Athletica / Goat / Live Nation mParticle, 02 / Walmart mParticle, 03 / iHeartRadio / Starwood / SoulCycle mParticle, 04

Integrations: mParticle offers "Full-featured integrations with the top marketing, advertising, analytics, and data warehousing platforms". Integrations include: Amazon Redshift / Amplitude / Appboy / Kahuna / Kochava / SendGrid mParticle, 04 / Facebook / Snap / Twitter / TUNE / Adobe Marketing Cloud / Oracle Marketing Cloud / Salesforce Marketing Cloud / Zendesk / MailChimp / Google Analytics / Looker / Mixpanel / comScore mParticle, 01. For a detailed database of integrations, see mParticle, 09.

Key partnerships: Some key partnerships include integration with SafeGraph mParticle, 10 and Salesforce Marketing Cloud mParticle, 11.


Financial details: mParticle was founded in 2013 and has raised over $76 million from funders Crunchbase, 01.

Location-based tracking: Via, an "on-demand ride-sharing app based in NYC", integrates with mParticle for geofencing services mParticle, 13.


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