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Fidzup merges online and offline mobile marketing for retailers. Their services include fine-grained location tracking through mobile devices for advertising purposes Fidzup, 02.




Fidzup SDK not listed, other code available at

Products and Services

Fidzup has two primary services:

  1. Drive to store campaign
  2. Retargeting campaign

Their service is designed to protect retailers for "showcasing" whereby consumers view products in retail stores and look for prices and promotions found elsewhere, especially online. "Thus," Fidzup states, "those consumers who move to a point of sale but do not buy represent a real 'blind spot' for the brand."

Geofencing technologies make it possible to know precisely the location of the consumer and offer new possibilities to harness data for retailers in stores and leverage the same techniques available to retailers in the online space. This helps retailers:

  • Know when the consumer goes to the store, whether they shop or not
  • Target their communication with contextualized promotions, or additional services to better inform the consumer during its purchase process", 01

Fidzup's technology also helps retailers generate in-store traffic through targeting "specific mobile audiences in your catchment area having an affinity with your brand."

Fidzup's in-store tracking helps retailers retarget customers who physically visited their store, according to their in-store behavior. According to Fidzup, their "Fidzup Retargeting currently manages to detect 40% of point-of-sale traffic, more than 80% of smartphones... Thanks to point-of-sale technologies, Fidzup Retargeting is able to measure the ROI of all the campaigns sent (store visit, download of the application, etc.) and to report to the company. This marketing tool is therefore much more effective than a classic advertising campaign, because it occurs at the psychological moment when the user considers the purchase and allows to finalize the sale it is done in store or on its m-commerce site" Fidzup, 03.

Fidzup's technology helps retailers target competitor prospects to "Serve ads to customers and prospects of retail/brand competitors" Fidzup, 01.

Advertised services for clients:


  1. Encourage impulsive purchasing
  2. Direct customers to shelves where discontinued products are placed
  3. Boost the use of its mobile application

Shopping malls:

  1. Create an attraction in the mall.
  2. Promote the release of the mobile application.
  3. Attract users of the application to the various shops in the shopping mall (eg, with list of promotions).

Trade fairs:

  1. Provide its exhibitors with a special tool to attract more visitors to their stands.
  2. Inform visitors effectively of exhibition conferences and other upcoming events.

Concerts and museums:
Fidzup could allow each visitor to a museum to "automatically receive information of a work or piece just by being close to it". At a concert, "it is possible to send the corresponding clip for the song played, or even send a survey to the crowd to let it choose the next title to be played" Fidzup v2, 03.

According to Viuz, Fidzup has "more than 250 Fidboxes already installed, more than 5 million unique database clients and more than 150 million covered 'foot traffic'" Viuz, 01.

Privacy Policy

Data collection and identifiable information: Fidzup states it "collects data from wifi-enabled smartphones. No personal information is ever collected by us. We don't know who you are, we don't have access to your contacts, your messages, etc."

Retention: Collected data "are stored anonymously on our servers for 12 months."

Data Use: "Collected data allows:

  1. To enhance your experience while you visit point of sales equipped with our technologies.
  2. To provide visitors’ in­store behavior reports to our customers. Those reports contain point of sales visit trends, made of aggregated data. No personal or individual information is included.
  3. To personalize visitors mobile ads on smartphone applications they use. We use anonymous visit data to provide a personalized experience on our partners smartphone applications. For example: after visiting a shop you could see a personalized banner for this particular shop instead of a generic one."

Opt-out: Fidzup states, "The simplest way to prevent data collection from your Wifi is to disable your Wifi connection near places that use it.

We also provide a way to delete all data regarding your smartphone with our opt-out form" Fidzup, 04.

Their opt-out form can be located at


Brands and retailers: Gemo / Timberland / Buffalo Grill / Grand Optical / Opel / Renault / Klépierre / Etam / Mercedes / Nissan Fidzup, 01 / Hammerson & Les Terrasses du Port shopping center / Vache Noire shopping center (in Arcueil) Fidzup, 03 / KFC / BMW BusinessWire, 01 / Galeries Lafayette / Darty / ITF / La Halle / Peugeot / FDJ Cultura, 01 / Kiabi / SNCF L'Usine Digitale, 01 Paris Region Lab / Petit Poucet / scientipole / oseo / Réseau Entreprendre Fidzup, 02

Supporters: Mobile Marketing Association France / Electronic Business Group / IAB France / Picom / La Nuit Des Rois Fidzup, 01


_Financial details: "Fidzup was founded in 2011 by two entrepreneurs sharing the same idea: to give a lift to traditional business through technological innovation" Fidzup, 02. They raised $3,7 million with venture capitalists CapHorn Invest and Turenne Capital as well as existing investors CapDecisif Management via the FRCI (Fonds Régional Co-investissement de la Région Ile de France) and Petit Poucet Participation, the press reported in November 2016 BusinessWire, 01;, 01.

For Product pricing (from old website), see Fidzup v2, 04.

Awards: Fidzup won the 2015 "Kings of Hope Prize" Viuz, 01.

Fidzup history and ideology: Fidzup is "Aware of the opportunities coming from the use of smartphones in your stores, our teams develop microlocation technologies to help you to reach your goals. Continuous innovation and improvement help us to develop more and more relevant and quicker and quicker solutions to install for our customers" Fidzup, 02. Their ambition is to "Provide physical commerce with the tools that pure players now enjoy". Where on the web professionals are able to identify a highly qualified target to better send them promotions, no solution existed for retailers to recover these prospects.

Since its creation in 2011, Fidzup was working on an indoor presence detection technology. The idea was to offer retailers and shopping centers a light technology to deploy and without constraint of use for consumers. This is how Fidzup Microtargeting was created, a platform for sending interactive and location-based content on the mobile of visitors to points of sale. It is the explosion of Criteo, the French giant of online advertising retargeting, which pushed the Fidzup teams to pivot towards a similar solution, but to the brick & mortar business. Since the startup was already able to understand the behavior of consumers in points of sale.

Specifically, where Criteo is interested in the behavior of Internet users on e-commerce sites to retarget advertising on partner media pages, Fidzup is interested in the consumer shopper journey in physical stores to address contextualized advertising. on its mobile apps" Fidzup, 03.

Devices: Mobile (Android, Apple) / Fidbox


  • "Online Offline: Performance mobile marketing for retailers" Fidzup, 01
  • "An innovative technology for interior presence detection"
  • "A mailing platform for geolocalized interactive content" Fidzup v2, 01


Fidzup "has developed 3 solutions to detect the presence of a consumer in stores: Fidzup Microtargeting, Fidzup Retargeting and Fidzup Analytics. These technologies, easily deployable, are based on the principle of indoor geolocation (operating by wifi, ultrasound or BLE) and broadcast interactive content on smartphone. Thus, Fidzup captures and reactivates the consumer or simple visitor, either directly at the point of sale, or when he leaves the sign" Fidzup, 03.

Big Data / Predictive analytics / Programmatic / RTB

Consumer targeting: Geographical/store / Digital navigation (on devices) / Habits / Purchase intention

"The most accurate in-store tracking technology on the market. Measure your online campaigns ROI with adapted offline KPIs"

  • Works without any mobile app
  • 3 meters accuracy; 4 years of R&D, 2 patents registered
  • Autonomous in-store sensor Fidzup, 01

Fidbox is "compatible with 99.9% of smartphones". Fidboxes "capture an encrypted identification key, unique to mobile, that Fidzup Retargeting then found on the ad servers. These captured data will be processed to segment the audience of the target brand to address on AdExchanges. This process will thus make it possible to resort to an advertising retargeting by displaying a personalized banner, according to the offline consumption habits of the mobile user, when he / she consults a third-party application (games, news, sports, etc.)." Fidzup's "point-of-sale deployment is lightweight and does not require any particular mobile application."

Fidzup Retargeting: Fidzup's "Totally innovative process allows the Terrasses du Port not to lose its consumers, increase its customer knowledge and optimize its media buying campaigns by addressing a qualified target. Fidzup Retargeting can also measure the visits of the consumer and know the generated downloads in a logic of measurement of the ROI of the carried out campaigns."

Fidzup Microtargeting: Fidzup's microtargeting is "based on the principle of indoor geofencing and allows shopping centers & retailers to interact instantly with their customers via their smartphone at their points of sale." It "relies on the use of a sound source to send data to a smartphone that will decode and process the received signal. More concretely, Fidzup broadcasts via point of sale via any audio source (speaker system broadcasting music, sound boxes, televisions, etc.) a signal inaudible to the human ear. This signal has the particularity of having a unique identifier corresponding to a specific location. The detection is done when the smartphone receives the signal and decodes it to know where the consumer is.

Fidzup Microtargeting then automatically triggers the sending of interactive and contextualized content on the mobile of the consumer according to his position. Discount coupons, targeted promotion on a product upon entry into the corresponding department, exceptional opening information, contests triggered as soon as they enter the store ... For example, a brand wishes to launch a promotion on its polos: "1 polo bought, the 2nd to -50% »For this, she will have the choice between sending the promotion on the mobile of the consumer as soon as it enters the store or the entrance of the department concerned by the promotion.

The consumer then receives relevant content, at the right place and at the best time on his smartphone. With Fidzup technology, the sales area is 'squared': either at the entrance of the store itself or within a specific radius, it is possible for each manager to choose the right place, where the visitor will receive interactive content.

...Unlike other solutions that require the deployment of a heavy hardware device, and therefore expensive to install and maintain, the technology developed by Fidzup can be deployed without any hardware installation on site if the audio system used is remotely controllable. Indeed, some companies have specialized in the implementation of audio systems, the distribution of music in point of sale can be controlled online. These players cover a majority of the retail and retail market. If, however, the customer is not equipped, Fidzup has developed a battery of inexpensive hardware solutions that are easy to install.

  • Mobile Compatibility: The software brick developed by Fidzup (the SDK) integrates with applications running on iOS mobile OS (iPhone) and Android. Thus, thanks to Fidzup technology it is possible to reach more than 90% of the global mobile market.

  • Use: In the face of the few players capable of detecting presence at the point of sale, Fidzup chose to specialize in consumer care once it is present. Thus, the startup has developed the lightest solution to send promotional content at the best time to maximize efficiency. The end customer has no action to do (except to download the application of the sign or the mall), it is the content that comes to him automatically and at a time when he will be attentive. Since the media is mobile, it is essential to offer end users a limited number of actions to perform for a simple and fluid use."

This can result in real-time data mining: "Since the operations implemented are mainly digital, La Vache Noire has the possibility to follow in real time the impact of its operation (participation rate, winning prizes, etc.)." This can bring businesses that did not previously data mine into the data mining fold: "Finally, the marketing department of the center has retained a certain interest from brands that have never participated so much in a digital transaction. Thus, prestigious brands such as Celio, Jules, Yves Rocher or Darjeeling participate each week in the operation 'List of promotions'" Fidzup, 03.

"Fidzup has developed a means of communication between a sonic emitter and a mobile phone. Thus, by diffusing a tone, inaubible to the human ear, inside a building we can detect the presence of mobile phones and therefore their owners. How does the detection work? Your visitors must have the mobile application already installed on their smartphone. This contains a software layer (a SDK supplied by Fidzup) capable of detecting the signals and decoding them. What kind of sonic emitter can be used? It is possible to use any audio source to diffuse the signals. In fact, Fidzup has come up with a variety of hardware solutions depending on the user’s requirements.

... We supply you with one or several bespoke sonic signals to diffuse in your establishment. Depending on the type of building and the type of usage you require, Fidzup offers a choice of several hardware and software solutions to simplify and optimize the diffusion of its sonic technology. Depending on the method of emission chosen, a sonic signal can be used to cover a precise zone of a store, the corridors of a shopping mall or even detect a visitor admiring a work of art in an art exhibition."

... "Installing the SDK into your mobile application: We supply you with a software layer (SDK) to add to your mobile application. this layer detects and decodes the audio signal. The SDK is supplied with full documentation to help you install it swiftly and easily into your mobile application.The SDK is compatible with both iOS (iPhone) and Android operating systems. Minimum requirement for the iOS operating system: iOS version 5; Minimum requirement for the Android operating system: Android 2.3.5 (HTC One X not supported)" Fidzup v2, 02.

Fidzup Analytics: "Fidzup Analytics is a technology based on wifi that analyzes the traffic in points of sale, especially for shopping centers and supermarkets. Coupled with the Fidzup Retargeting solution, this technology makes it possible to capture on average 40% of the real traffic, whether the consumers / visitors are carriers of the application of the center or not.

To facilitate the handling of its solution, Fidzup gives direct access to the Analytics interface to the shopping center teams. The management can then see the route taken by its visitors from one store to another and analyze the data retrieved by day, week or month. Thus, Fidzup Analytics is able to display the traffic generated in the point of sale, the average duration of a visit, its frequency and to couple all these data to highlight trends or peaks of affluence. For the management of the center, the interest of these crossings of data is of size: to be able to identify the typical course of a customer and thus to define the zones "cold" or "hot" of the shopping mall (that is to say to say the locations more or less visited). Thanks to Fidzup Analytics, retail professionals can have a perfect knowledge of their customers, their habits in the center, but also know if their rental spaces are properly valued according to the passage of visitors. Finally, with the Analytics solution, shopping centers now have the opportunity to measure the audience generated by their communication devices already in place (promotional video screen, POS, display, totem ...). Indeed, depending on the information provided on these media, Fidzup is able to know the impact on the shopping journey of the customer and sales" Fidzup, 03.

"Fidzup’s Programmatic & Analytics Platform is made up of DSP, DMP and Tag management solutions, developed in-house for bricks-and-mortar stores. These technologies enable store managers to direct their campaigns while accurately measuring their return on investment" BusinessWire, 01.

Sonice emission solutions:

  • Web player: The web player allows you to emit the Fidzup sonic signal via your computer. This solution is ideal for small spaces with no audio system in place.
  • Standalone emitter unit: This mains connected unit allows you to broadcast your sound signal continuously in the manner of a portable and independent speaker enclosure. This solution is ideal for creating an interactive zone in a specific area of your establishment.
  • Mixer emitter unit: The mixer unit, also mains connected, can automatically mix your signal sound with the music played through your audio system. This solution is ideal for users wishing to cover all areas of their establishment through their own public address system.
  • Custom installation: Your audio system is managed by an external provider? No problem, Fidzup can work with them to simplify the deployment, as it could then be managed remotely, without any hardware installation in situ" Fidzup, 03.

Web interface: "We give you secure access to an administrative interface that allows you to devise promotional content that will be displayed on visitors’ smartphones as soon as they are detected in your establishment. Adjust the parameters and pre-visualize your content: expiry dates, target zones, message type, image uploads, content descriptions, etc., The interface is intuitive and extensive. From a discount coupon to a simple information bulletin, take advantage of the numerous pre- configured items in the interface to send the right content at the right time to your visitors.

... Following promotional campaigns: Our administrator’s inferface includes a comprehensive dashboard and accurate statistics that allow you to monitor the performance of your promotional campaigns.The number of detections in your location, number of messages sent and received, CTR (click- through rate)... View the impact of your advertising campaigns at a glance and optimize them swiftly" Fidzup v2, 02.

Some of the data collected:

  • unique visitors
  • duration of visits
  • frequency of visits
  • hot / cold zone of the store
  • customer journey
  • fast outputs
  • volume of smartphones
  • brands and OS terminals Viuz, 01


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