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XiTi is "a free web analytics solution that provides data and performance indicators, making it possible to have an overview of a website’s traffic. Hundreds of thousands of users all over the world use XiTi® Free." XiTi offers "the Analytics Suite, which helps some of the world’s largest brands to measure, analyse, and visualise their data and digital performance" AT Internet, 05.


AT Internet



Products and Services

"One of the world’s major players in digital intelligence since 1996, AT Internet helps companies measure their audience and optimise their digital performance across all channels. AT Internet’s expertise extends from collecting raw data to treating it in real time and delivering it for analysis and the sharing of insights. Applications in AT Internet’s Analytics Suite provide reliable, contextualised and actionable information. Scalable and completely modular, AT Internet’s offering adapts to businesses in all industries: e-commerce, media, finance/banking, corporate institutions. Easy-to-use and accessible to all individuals within a company, these solutions help address the challenges facing both novices and experts in digital analytics and data mining" XiTi, 01.

AT Intenet Analytics Suite: "Our Analytics Suite is a digital analytics solution that gives you a unified, real-time view of what users do on your website, mobile site and mobile app. Whether you’re a marketing manager or a data analyst, the Analytics Suite brings together all the tools you need for actionable analysis, dashboarding, reporting, data mining and big data exports. Armed with analytics data that’s accurate, consistent and completely reliable, you’ll be able to make sound, data-backed decisions for your business" AT Internet, 01.

XiTi: XiTi is an audience measuring and statistics service for websites. It provides audience and usage statistics regarding website traffic, including mobile internet. XiTi "many indicators of visitor activity: audience, navigation, origin of the visit, geolocation. Like similar services for commercial use, it tracks the return on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns (e-mailing campaigns, sponsored links, contextual advertising) and measures the evolution of the turnover of a online shopping website". XiTi Free offers personal websites limited analytics for free, whereas XiTi Pro "is intended for showcases or small sites, especially for SMEs / SMIs. It offers a first professional evaluation of the performance of a website" Wikipedia, 01, translated from French.

"To use XiTi on a given page you must add in its source code a marker in the form of a JavaScript script that will allow the company's servers to access the information to be saved (based on the headers of which Cookies , the IP address , and the JavaScript environment). An alternative is to insert a small logo (visible for the free version and invisible for paid versions) on each page to be audited" Wikipedia, 01, translated from French.

AT Analytics Dashboard:

  • "Build Dashboards: Understand and drive your business at a glance! Create digital analytics dashboards that can be customised down to the pixel and shared across your company."
  • Tag with Agility: Take control of your tagging with our modular, customisable SmartTag for web and mobile. Speed up implementation and improve load times."
  • App Analytics: Get rich mobile analytics, in-app, app store and benchmark data. Track mobile user engagement and retention over time" AT Internet, 01.

Explorer Service:

Explorer's "iterative analysis...means giving analysts – whether they are beginners or experts – the ability to gradually access data, by first offering an intelligent analysis recommendation system based on machine learning, and then offering the ability to slice and dice the data as much and however they wish. Our objective here is simple: offer these users a tool which will help them find the value in their data, step by step, and then help them share the data so that the most can be made of it. To that end, Explorer offers tools that let you work with and refine your data indefinitely notably via filters, drill-downs, on-the-fly segmentation, and custom cross-calculations.

...with just one click, the analyst can access Data Query to extract data via our API, and then activate that data by creating relevant retargeting campaigns, for example.

The analyst can also transform the analysis into a KPI to be directly displayed in a dashboard, thanks to Explorer’s integration in the Analytics Suite. This KPI will allow business users to understand what’s happening, follow the KPI’s evolution, and potentially implement actions as a result" Ad Internet, 03.

Mobile developments:

"There are also mobile features that continue to be developed. For example, we are working on the analysis of the customer journey, which is now done on several devices. This cross-device tracking is simple in theory, because in practice, it's more complicated than just following log-in users ... Above all, unlike others, we are very concerned about the respect of Internet users, and everything must be done with their consent, in accordance with the law. We have many other features in preparation. We will also work on marking and its reliability, a "smart SDK" for mobile apps, a tool to know the traffic pages and links by surfing the site, or a benchmark mobile apps using data from the app stores" JDN, 01.

XiTi will "examine any profiling activities done on their advertising networks, especially when analytics data is being used to establish this profiling" At Internet, 02, PDF.


Privacy Policy

Personal Data: XiTi states, "By default, AT Internet considers all data related to IP address, GPS location and cookies as personal data. We store all this data within the EU.

We only keep:

  • IP address data for 6 months maximum
  • Learn more about how we process and anonymise IP addresses.
  • GPS location data for 6 months maximum
    During collection, we truncate all GPS coordinates to two decimal degrees – we never collect GPS coordinates in their entirety. Truncated coordinates are then converted into a heatmap graphic providing country-level-only informa-tion. Full details are never displayed.
  • Our cookies are active during a fixed period of 13 months, and are then deleted from a user’s computer AT Internet’s cookie only contains a unique alphanumeric ID – no other data is stored in the cookie."

Transparency: XiTi states, "The GDPR requires companies and organisations (“data controllers”) to be completely transparent, “using clear and plain language”, when informing end users (“data subjects”) about which personal data is collected, where it is stored, and for how long it is kept (see previous section)."

"... AT Internet has the resources required to retrieve, edit or erase any personal data in a timely manner. We will liaise directly with end users on this matter when necessary. We communicate clearly and transparently about end users’ rights in our privacy policy. We also offer an opt-out option for end users who do not wish their activity to be tracked via our web analytics solution."

Storage Location:

"AT Internet processes and stores all personal data within the European Union, with no personal data being transferred outside the EU. This information is clearly accessible in our privacy policy, and in our customer contracts."

Co-Responsibility: "Under the GDPR, when two different organisations (“data controllers”) work together to establish the purpose and means of processing personal data, they are considered “joint controllers” and share responsibility. Joint controllers must together determine the details of their “respective responsibilities” for GDPR compliance, especially as it relates to their duties in responding to data subject requests."

"... AT Internet’s Analytics Suite is GDPR-compliant. We therefore commit to sharing full responsibility with our customers for any potential privacy breaches and sanctions under the GDPR. We will provide each of our customers with a contract addendum – a Data Protection Agreement, or DPA – to precisely define the scope of responsibility. If you work with a different digital analytics provider, we strongly recommend you verify the terms of your contract to ensure that responsibility is not automatically transferred to you (via limitations on liability clauses)."

Purposes of Analytics / Cominations and Correlations with Other Customer Data: "Under the GDPR, personal data must only be "collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not further processed in a manner that is incompatible with those purposes." In other words, your visitors’ data should only be used to achieve the specific thing(s) you’ve informed them of, such as (in the case of analytics) improving their experience on your site, or providing them with tailored content. Your visitors’ data should NOT be used in other ways for which they have not given consent." Data profiling requires a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) " to determine how this profiling affects the protection of your users’ personal data."

"... With AT Internet, you always remain the owner of your data. We never use or merge our customers’ analytics data for our own purposes. We do not carry out any profiling activities, and in light of the GDPR, we strongly encourage our customers and prospects to carefully any profiling activities done on their advertising networks, especially when analytics data is being used to establish this profiling."


"AT Internet has more than 3,800 web analytics customers worldwide from all industries, including more than half of the companies listed on the French stock exchange (CAC 40), as well as many other leading international groups."

"The power of AT Internet’s Analytics Suite and the quality of its services (consulting, training and support) are recognised worldwide." XiTi is " in all industries", including "e-commerce, media, finance/banking, corporate institutions... With more than 200 employees, the group is present in 32 countries via its customers, subsidiaries and partners" XiTi, 01.

"Our solution is used on more than 20,000 sites and apps around the globe. Discover how our clients have improved their results (ROI, conversion rate, online sales…) thanks to our solutions and services. Learn from their experiences and best practices in web marketing, digital intelligence and digital analytics" Ad Internet, 04.

AT Internet Clients (from "Case Studies"): L'Equipe / Groupe La Poste / Younited Credit (Pret D'Union) / Vente-Privee / Lagardere Active / Meinestadt.de / Rambler.ru / Soundcloud / Caradisiac / France Televisions / Reed Expositions / Oxybul Eveil et Jeux / Solocal Group / Nexity / Le Parisien / Priceminister / Ryanair / French Government Information Service (SIG) / Total Ad Internet, 04


Financial details: AT Internet was founded in 1996, and has raised €10,250,000 from funders Crunchbase, 01. In 2016, AT Internet obtained 4 million Euros in financing to expand its business French Chamber Singapore, 01, after having raised approximately 6 million Euros over three years prior JDN, 01.

Devices: Desktop / Mobile (Android / iOS)

History: "For more than 15 years AT Internet has provided website owners with free access to their web traffic data. Thanks to an easy-to-use solution, you can benefit from key information such as traffic sources, visitor geolocation, and more, in order to manage and improve your site’s impact (whether it’s a blog, a personal website, or otherwise).

The XiTi Free project was launched back in 2000 by AT Internet, one of the world’s leading digital analytics companies, and today continues to illustrate the company’s desire to make digital analytics accessible to everyone. The decision to continue supporting a free version to the benefit of a large user community has been the success behind XiTi Free, an essential solution for measuring the traffic of personal websites. XiTi, 01

Slogans: "The leading free solution for measuring website traffic" XiTi, 01


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