Dynamic Yield

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  • Targets user location and proximity via geofencing
  • Targets users via geotargeting
  • Tracks users using GPS
  • Tracks users using WiFi
  • Tracks users using location data


  • Alters app functionality based upon user profiles
  • Loads advertisements
  • Loads targeted advertisements
  • Location-based ad pushing
  • Real-world location targeting
  • Targeted advertising based on consumer actions
  • Targets across devices, channels and/or platforms (omni-channel marketing, customer journey)
  • Timed advertisements


  • Analytics AI and machine learning
  • Audience segmenting
  • Collects Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Collects Sensitive Personal Information (SPI)
  • Identifies users via Google ID (AAID)
  • Identifies users via iOS ID (IDFA)
  • Offers analytics activity to app developers
  • Offers reports to app developers
  • Performs cross-device identification
  • Profiles users via Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Profiles users via Sensitive Personal Information (SPI)
  • Stores personal profile data (name, address, phone)

Detection rules

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Network detection rule: cdn.dynamicyield.com | adm.dynamicyield.com | api.dynamicyield.com | px.dynamicyield.com | st.dynamicyield.com

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