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Placed - The Leader in Offline Attribution Placed is trusted by 350+ publishers, networks, and platforms, and 500+ advertisers and agencies to measure advertising's impact on store visits Consumer Path from TV Screen to Store Partnering with Inscape and Kantar, Placed closes the loop to store visitation across mobile devices used by 1 in 3 U.S. adults. Placed Insights - Analytics for the Real World Open-source location analytics platform mapping the real-world relationship between people and places

By leveraging one of the world's largest location platforms, billions of directly measured locations, and patent-pending statistical models, Placed is able to turn complex location data into actionable insights for our clients. Placed is the leading provider of directly-measured location insights, analyzing billions of locations from its opt-in audience. Accurately measuring location is more than just data volume; it requires models, real-world context, and the ability to observe the complete path of consumer activity.

By measuring location continuously, Placed observes when data signals shift from a single point to a cluster of points; identifying a visit has occurred.

Once a visit is identified, Placed searches its database of hundreds of millions of business features to determine the likely place of the visit.

Placed understands that location accuracy is more than a latitude and longitude. Leveraging the intelligence from Data Clustering and Place Search, the Placed Inference Model applies a statistical probability to each and every visit, bringing the highest level of accuracy to consumer location insights. The Placed Inference Model is continuously trained against millions of first-hand validation points confirmed by panelists in the field.

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