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United States (Boston) Crunchbase, 01



Nexage "offers a mobile advertising platform that provides private and public exchanges, data enrichment, and real-time targeting solutions" Crunchbase, 01.


Millenial Media, which became part of ONE by AOL; the AOL company name has changed to Oath, which is a subsidiary of Verizon Communications AOL, 01


Products and Services

Services (ostensibly now under Millenial Media):

  • Real-time bidding to help automate the buying and selling of mobile advertising MillenialMedia, 01.
  • Millenial Media has a "mobile-first" data management platform (DMP) which can "ingest publisher and advertiser data to enable re-targeting, audience extensions, and cross-device attribution" MillenialMedia, 01.
  • Targeted advertising through channel and demographic segments: "Leveraging Millennial Media's audience and channel targeting, the campaign reached women ages 25-55 with an emphasis on the following conditions: pregnancy, stress, and bleaching/coloring. The consumer interaction garnered from the precise targeting far exceeded expectations." MillenialMedia, 02

Privacy Policy

Nexage's current privacy policy links to a URL at, which displays privacy policy for "Oath: A Verizon company" AOL, 01.

Location tracking: According to Oath, "Depending on how you access and use our Services, we may receive... Location Information. This information can include your device's GPS signal and information about Bluetooth connections, nearby WiFi networks, cell towers, and other types of precise location. We get this information, for example, when you use location-enabled services" AOL, 04.

They further state, "With your consent, we may use available services on your device to determine or derive your precise location, including cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS information. In addition and with your consent, we may share your precise location information or personal information with third parties for their independent use. You may opt-out of providing precise location information to Oath, and having that information shared with third parties, at any time by adjusting the settings on your device. Please note that you may need to adjust multiple settings, and not just your location preference, to opt out of providing precise location information to Oath. If you subsequently opt in to sharing location information for an individual service, your location information will be shared with that service. Note that if you consent to share your location information within a particular app, your location information collected from within that app may continue to be shared even after you have opted-out on your device. If you opt-out of providing precise location information to Oath, we may continue to derive your approximate location from your IP address and other information we may collect. For more information, please review your app and device settings."

Location tracking and third parties: Oath states, "We may use third-party providers to help operate our Services, including to deliver ads and understand how people use our Services on various devices. These providers may collect information about other apps on your various devices, the websites you visit, location information, inaudible audio waves, and other information in order to help analyze usage and target advertising on the site or app and elsewhere across your devices. These providers may use cookies, web beacons, and other technologies (including audio beacons) to collect this information" AOL, 07.

Other information collected:

  • Log information (interactions with web sites, search queries, information about your operating system, IP address, etc)
  • Device information (the type of device, such as iPhone; device identifiers which may be unique to your device; your Internet Service Provider)
  • "Other information" (such as information from AOL Mail or Instant Messenger, but not the private communications without your consent)
  • Third Party data: Oath states, "We may receive additional information about you that is publicly or commercially available and combine it along with the information we have collected or received about you in other ways. Also, we receive information about you when you choose to connect with social networking services while using our Services" AOL, 04.

Mobile device information: Oath states, "When you use our Services on a mobile device, Oath, our partners, and service providers may collect certain information automatically, such as the type of device you use, unique device ID, wireless mobile subscriber ISDN numbers, Verizon Wireless UIDH, IP address, operating system, browser type, and information about your use of our Services. We may use this information as described in the Oath Privacy Policy, which explains, among other things, that we may combine information about your use of our various Services in all the ways you may connect to Oath.

Certain Services may require the collection of the phone number of your device. We may associate that phone number with other information; however, we will not use that number for telemarketing to you without your consent" AOL, 07.

Oath Standard Categories (segments) for targeted advertising: See Oath website for their list of Standard Categories AOL, 05.

Opt-out on mobile: Oath states users can opt out of interest-based (targeted) advertising through general device settings in iOS and Android. However, to stop data collection of an Oath app, users must uninstall the app.

PII vs non-PII: Oath defines PII as "name, address, telephone number, email address, payment card number, and government-issued identification number", and non-PII to include "without limitation cookie IDs, device identifiers, hashed values (such as email addresses and other types of information that are transformed into a sequence of random-looking characters that are no longer recognizable as an email address), and IP addresses" AOL, 02.

Oath states it abides by "standards restricting the use of sensitive financial account number data and other types of sensitive data as defined by these programs. For example, we do not use or allow others to use sensitive data to determine eligibility for health insurance, life insurance, or employment. We also do not target ads to users based on sensitive health data, including cancer, mental health-related conditions, and sexually-related areas". They add, "If a user appears interested in non-sensitive, health-related topics, (such as, by visiting pages related to a topic) an ad relevant to those interests may be displayed. We may also display non-sensitive, health-related ads to users who we or our advertisers believe may be an appropriate audience for such topics" AOL, 06.

Information sharing: Oath states it "may share your information in limited circumstances, including when we have your consent to do so or when sharing is necessary to protect Oath or comply with the law. Our agents and contractors may have access to your information, but only to perform services for Oath. We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties. We may, however, share non-personally identifiable information with select business partners" AOL, 01. Oath also states it does not "rent or sell personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes. But we may share certain information we collect or receive with our affiliates and others to respond to your requests, provide our Services, when we have your consent, or as described in" their Privacy Policy.

Parties Oath may share data with include:

  • Affiliates (any company that is controlled by or under common control with Oath Inc. Oath is part of the Verizon family of companies, which includes Yahoo Inc. For a list of Oath's major content brands") AOL, 02
  • Business partners (non-personally identifiable information)
  • Other parties in response to legal process or when necessary to protect our Services
  • Companies that provide services to Oath

Third Parties that Provide Content, Advertising Services, or Functionality on Our Services:

  • Advertising providers (for targeted advertising or analytics)
  • Audience-measurement companies (to measure and compare usage on Oath Services, in comparison to other online services)
  • Social networking services " (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google) that enable you to login to certain of our Services and to share things you find on our Services with your social network. If you choose to connect with a social networking service, we may share information with that service, and that service may share information about you with us. We may use the information for the reasons explained in this Privacy Policy, including to make your experience on our Services more personal and social. For example, we might show you what content is popular among your connections on the social networking service or give you a glimpse of what your friends are saying about that content."

According to Oath, "These and other third parties may collect or receive information about your use of our Services, including through the use of cookies, web beacons and other technologies, and this information may be collected over time and combined with information collected on different websites and online services across your devices" AOL, 04.

Key third parties Oath works with include, but are not limited to:

Analytics Providers:

  • Google Analytics
  • Nielsen Digital Measurement
  • Scorecard Research

Other companies:

  • Acxiom
  • Session M
  • Taboola
  • Tapad

Oath states that, "like Oath, these companies and other third parties not listed above may use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies on or in connection with our Services" AOL, 06.

Regulation: Oath is committed to self-regulatory requiremets for online advertising, including the Digital Advertising Alliance's Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising and the Network Advertising Initiative's Self-Regulatory Code of Conduct.

Retention: Oath states, "Data used to create segments for ad targeting is retained for no longer than 2 years. Other data (for example, data used to determine long-term or seasonal trends) may be retained for as long as Oath has a legitimate business reason for retaining it" AOL, 06.

Tracking technologies: Oath Services use cookies, web beacons, and other technologies, as well as device fingerprinting and a "device graph" to link multiple devices to the same user AOL, 03.


Media relationships: Oath offers free Services such as, HuffPost, Moviefone, and TechCrunch with support from ads displayed on those Services.

Oath brands include: #BuiltByGirls / Yahoo! Finance / Yahoo! / AOL / Yahoo! Sports / Yahoo! Mail / TechCrunch / Yahoo! News / HuffPost / Yahoo! Fantasy / Flurry / Yahoo! Gemini / Verizon / BrightRoll by Yahoo! / ONE by AOL / kanvas / flickr / tumblr / Yahoo! Weather / Alto / Yahoo! Messenger / engadet / Style Me Pretty / autoblog / Polyvore / Makers / Moviefone / Build / Ryot / Convertro / BBG Ventures / Cambio / rivals / alephd by AOL Oath, 01


Financial details: Nexage was founded in 2006 and had raised $19.5 million by 2012. It was acquired by Millenial Media for approximately $108 million in 2014 Crunchbase, 01;, 01.


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