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TUNE offers products and services for the digital marketing and advertising industry, including the TUNE Marketing Console, a mobile marketing technology stack TUNE, 08.





Products and Services

Many of TUNE's services are provided through the TUNE Marketing Console (TMC). The TMC "is designed to collect and use data such as Unique Advertising Identifiers, Statistical Identifiers, Geographic Location Data, Email Addresses, and other data provided by the Advertiser for attribution, app store optimization, and in-app marketing. Advertisers are able to view and measure data provided by TUNE, as well as third-party Partners that the Advertiser selects, in the TMC. For instance, an Advertiser can compare the results of advertising campaigns conducted with different Partners in the TMC. Advertisers and Partners may also send information to the TMC via Postback" TUNE, 10.

TUNE products and services offered include:

  • In-App Marketing: Leverage customer segmentation tools and contextual insight to send personalized messages, guide users through from onboarding to conversion, and take action with real-time reporting, A/B testing, and optimization. Features include location-based triggers, deep links, automatic actions, automated triggers, and scheduled campaigns TUNE, 02.
  • TUNE Marketing Console:
    • Track user behavior on and offline, across devices, via TUNE's understanding of the "customer journey".
    • Uniques identify users and target their "proximity" via location tracking.
    • Help clients to "Streamline your mobile marketing and measurement" with services that are "people-centric".
    • Unify data into one place, and give ownership of the data to the client.
    • TUNE's APIs allows clients to sync with thousands of integrated partners TUNE, 03.
  • Attribution Analytics: TUNE offers mobile analytics based on detailed performance reports and people-centric segmentation to maximize return on investment; analytics for re-engagement; analytics for return on ad spend; as well as analytics for fraud prevention TUNE, 04.
  • App Store Analytics: TUNE provides tools to optimize success in app stores TUNE, 05.
  • Fraud prevention: TUNE Fraud services identify install and click fraud, allows businesses to set custom fraud rules, and provides analytics to detect and classify potential fraud TUNE, 06

TUNE is "a 'data processor' that collects and analyzes End User data at the specific request of our client Advertisers, the 'data controllers'" TUNE, 10.

TUNE also tracks in-app user behavior and correlates it with a unique identifier TUNE, 07.

A simple version of TUNE's targeted advertising is provided on their opt-out website. It is explained as follows:

"Within the TMC, two features allow advertisers to use data to target advertising to an end user:

  1. AUDIENCES allows Advertisers to build segments based on previously acquired attribution data (from the TMC's Attribution Analytics feature)...
  2. IN APP MARKETING allows advertisers to send end users push notifications outside of the app environment, as well as in-app messages - for promotional and other activities..." TUNE, 09.

In this context, TMC covers "Attribution Analytics, App Store Analytics, Audiences, and In-App Marketing" TUNE, 10.

Privacy Policy

TUNE "defines privacy as the end user’s rights to receive notice, give consent, and opt-out of the collection, use, and sharing of data that is about or can identify that end user".

Opt-out: TUNE has an opt-out website, www.optoutmobile.com, which details how end users can opt out of features in the TUNE Marketing Console (TMC) that target users online. Users can opt out of the "audiences" segment-based targeted advertising if they "enable Limit Ad Tracking or “LAT” or re-set their ad identifier on their device OR opt out within the app itself". They can opt out of "in app marketing" if they "use the appropriate settings on their mobile platform (Android, iPhone, or Windows)". Additional details of how to opt out of mobile on the outoutmobile.com website. TUNE will pass on LAT requests to Advertisers, and will honor opt-outs provided to them by Advertisers. They also honor push notification opt outs set by the End User on their device.

Opting out of the TMC "will not stop those users from receiving interest-based advertisements from Advertisers or other publishers or ad networks. End Users who want to opt out of a particular ad network, publisher, or Advertiser’s ads must contact those companies directly to opt out."

Data ownership (TMC): "Unless otherwise specified, and pursuant to the TUNE Data Pledge, Advertisers own the data that they provide to and collect through the TMC. When Advertisers remove or export their data from the TMC, their use of End User data is governed by their own privacy policies and applicable laws, rules, or regulations."

Data collected (TMC): The TMC "is designed to collect and use data such as Unique Advertising Identifiers, Statistical Identifiers, Geographic Location Data, Email Addresses, and other data provided by the Advertiser for attribution, app store optimization, and in-app marketing."

Data sharing (TMC): Advertisers "are able to view and measure data provided by TUNE, as well as third-party Partners that the Advertiser selects, in the TMC. For instance, an Advertiser can compare the results of advertising campaigns conducted with different Partners in the TMC. Advertisers and Partners may also send information to the TMC via Postback"... Advertisers can share all data collected through the TMC with Partners via Postback, data exports, and/or API calls". TUNE itself may provide or disclose, or enable others to provide, End User Data for the purposes of detecting and preventing malicious activity of invalid traffic, or believe that we are legally required to do so."

Personally identifiable information: "The TMC does not primarily rely on data that is considered “personal” in other jurisdictions for Attribution and App Store Optimization. The TMC does support automatic hashing in cases where the Advertiser chooses to upload “personal” data into the TMC to ensure that the TMC does not process such data in raw form". A detailed list of what TUNE considers PII and non-PII can be found at their data & security web page TUNE, 13.

Advertiser data use permissions (TMC): Advertisers can use information collected through by the TMC for:

  • Attribution (eg, ad campaign analytics, cross-device attribution)
  • App Store Analytics (eg, A/B testing, analytics)
  • Audiences (eg, segments, behavioral and demographic profiling)
  • In-App Marketing (eg, push notifications, A/B testing of push notifications)

Regulation: TUNE complies with the Digital Advertising Alliance self-regulatory requirements.

International Law: TUNE adheres to the Privacy Shield Principles.

Security: TUNE " uses commercially reasonable efforts including a variety of security technologies and procedures to secure client and End User Data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure" TUNE, 10.


Customers: ebay / Sony / Expedia / LINE / Supercell / Flipkart / Staples / Zillow / Sephora / Kabam / Starz / Draft Kings TUNE, 01 / MovieStarPlanet / Zoosk / Cheerz / SaferVPN / Schoold / Appromoters TUNE, 12


Financial details: TUNE was founded in 2009 and has raised over $36 million from funders Crunchbase, 01.

Innovation: TUNE claims to be at the forefront of many innovations in the advertising industry. They state they are "the first self-service performance marketing platform, the original mobile app measurement product, and the first multi-touch attribution for app advertising. We were also the first to combine app and web measurement, and the first to measure performance on nearly every mobile advertising platform like Google, Twitter, Snapchat and others" TUNE, 08.


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