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Pushwoosh pushes in-app messaging across platforms Pushwoosh, 01





Products and services

Features include:

  • Data collection (via tags): "Collect additional data from your users as Tags - gender, city and DOB, or the amount of money spent on in-app purchases. Then use this data for precise segmentation, personal communication, push automation and analytics."
  • Real world location targeting: "Try real-time location-based feature to send automated push notifications to users entering a specific area. Send your sale offers, discount alerts and welcoming messages automatically" Pushwoosh, 02.
    • Targeting in geozones: "pins on the map that allow sending automatically triggered push notifications right at the moment a user enters the specified area on the map. Its range can be set from 50 to 1000 meters, and it has an adjustable cooldown period" Pushwoosh, 03.
    • iBeacon micro-targeting Pushwoosh, 10
  • Segmentation of audiences for marketing campaigns Pushwoosh, 02. Segments could include "username, ID, city, favorite football team, preferred news categories, or any other piece of information about your users" Pushwoosh, 04.
  • In-apps tracking: In-app purchases ("The total amount of money spent on in-app purchases for the device"); Last In-App Purchase Date ("The date of the last in-app purchase made on the device"); and In-App Product ("Names of in-app products that were purchased on the device") Pushwoosh, 05.
  • 250+ million pushes per day.
  • Personalized messages: "Address your users by name, and use any of their preferences in the message to make it relevant for every single user"
  • Statistics: "Measure app installs and opens, push subscription, sent & open rates, all tag data statistics, and much more."
  • In-app messaging: "deeply customizable rich content in-app banners and full-screen interstitials."
  • A/B Tests: "Perform A/B tests on your audience to figure out which push configuration works better for you."
  • Multiple languages Pushwoosh, 02
  • Conversion Tracking: Track "the number of users who perform specific actions in your application or on your website after opening the push" Pushwoosh, 06
  • Push Recovery Campaigns: Target abandon carts by returning customers to finish the transaction Pushwoosh, 07.
  • Loyalty: Boost audience loyalty with personalized messages.
  • Targeted messaging: Send targeted messages to segments Pushwoosh, 09.

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is listed at Pushwoosh, 08. The Privacy Policy web page does not address opt-out; it appears to be directed at prospective business clients.


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Financial details: Pushwoosh was founded in 2011 Crunchbase, 01.


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