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Ad4Screen is "a marketing and advertising pioneer on Mobile Net (Smartphones, Tablets...)". They help companies "to set up performant Mobile advertising campaigns and to increase App User engagement, retention and conversion." Ad4Screen, 02




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Products and Services

Ad4Screen advises clients on "the best possible strategy to limit your risks and we manage, for you, the establishment and management of your campaigns from A to Z!" (translated from French) Ad4Screen, 03.

Products and Services for Mobile Advertising

Branding Campaign / Promote Mobile Sites / Promote Mobile Apps / Mobile RTB / Mobile Tracking / App Store Optimization / Event Driven Strategy (Drive In-Store) Ad4Screen, 01, Ad4Screen, 02

Branding Campaigns: "The best sites & APPS available; Many available targeting criteria’s (socio-demographics…); Geo-target campaigns; Thematic packages (CSP+, Media, Finance, Sports...); Innovative formats (interstial ads, rich media, videos…)

Promoting Mobile Sites: "Thanks to Mobile advertising key results, Ad4Screen enables you to harness the power of your brand, generate more traffic, leads (CPL) and sales on your Mobile Sites and Tablets. Often the gap between click and real visits might be significantly important. With the objective to maximize performance, Ad4Screen guarantees an effective Cost Per Visit (CPV)."

Display / Rich Media / Videos: "Our Ad Hoc Experts select the best formats, supports, publishers and Ad-Exchanges in the marketplace in order to efficiently enhance the key advantages and offers of your Mobile Sites and Tablets."

Facebook & Twitter campaigns: "Our teams are Experts in setting up specific mobile campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. Share high visibility and drive a Performance Business Model forward! Many available targeting criteria specific for Mobile and for each specific plateform. Ensure an Ongoing Performance"

Promote Mobile Apps: "Thanks to Mobile advertising, Ad4Screen helps you to enhance your brand reputation, gain in-depth visibility and increase your volume of APP downloads. Ad4Screen’s specific business goal lies on the guarantee to capture a growing share of Cost Per Download (CPD)." Display / Videos: "Our Experts select the market’s best set of formats, supports and well known players in the market in order to empower your Mobile APP or Tablet, whether iOS or Android.

  • Traditional formats: banners, interstitials
  • Banners, interstitials HTML5
  • Interstitials videos
  • Pre-roll videos
  • Geolocalisation
  • Native Formats (referring to Facebook, Viadeo, Twitter).

Facebook & Twitter App install campaigns: "Our teams are Experts on monitoring Facebook and Twitter campaigns on Mobile. (Mobile Ad Formats exclusively designed to install; Share high exposure and drive a Performance Model forward; Many targeting & optimization criteria; Possibility to track APP installs). Search: "All Queries made on Google from Smartphones and Tablets are explode! It is today’s business imperative to benefit from Search Query Data to obtain high quality users. Our Operations Team is in charge of your Mobile Adwords campaigns from beginning to end.

  • Buy with CPC
  • Double Click Download
  • Track In-APP conversion with keywords

Mobile RTB Insights: "Our Media Buying & Planning team uses the best next generation Mobile technologies (DSP) in order to program Mobile RTB campaigns. We work with the main 100% Mobile Ad-Exchanges in the market (MoPub, Flurry, Smaato, La Place Média…).

  • Gain wide access to apps ad inventory (80% ad impressions & non available on Web AdEx)
  • Use conversion tracking to see in-app activity
  • Leverage intelligent algorithms in real time based on in-app conversion
  • Communicating to the best with digital savvy shoppers
  • Identify your look-alike best prospects
  • Invite your Mobile Site Visitors to download your APP")

Mobile Tracking: "Our main concern is to accurately follow conversion on mobile acquisition campaigns to overall revenue. Our ad hoc experts group has the know-how for the best acquisitions and tracking plateforms in the right private marketplaces.

  • Track where your users come from (lever, design, adWord...)
  • Analyse and compare specific conversion rates per sources, operating systems, countries, segments…
  • Track how your users interact with your app
  • Improve overall ROI by our Experts

App Store Optimization: "Benefit from our Trends Report to optimize your organic SEO on App Store."

  • Optimize your ranking on Google Play and iTunes
  • Improve your APP Ranking in your own category
  • Create strong viral effects (Earned media)
  • Generate an increase on your organic installs from 10% to 40% per day!"

Event Driven Strategy: "For today’s consumer, Mobile has become the ultimate Digital Shopping Tool. Ad4Screen Operations Team helps you generate more Drive In-Store traffic and positively impact on sales conversion. We use the most pertinent Marketing Drive In-Store Tools:

  • Mobile Retargeting
  • Push Notification
  • GeoTargeted Mobile Advertising
  • iBeacon, Geofencing, QR Code...

Ad4Screen implements contest specific rules:

  • Instant Win Games
  • Sweepstake
  • In-APP & Mobile Web animations Ad4Screen, 05

Products and Services for Mobile CRM

Push Notifications / Customer Loyalty Programs (Relationship Programs) / Mobile Retargeting / Email Responsive (Responsive Email Templates) / Mobile Couponing (Mobile Email Tag) / Passbook Ad4Screen, 01, Ad4Screen, 02

Support: Sales Team / Advisory Board / Mobile CRM Experts / Media Buying & Planning / IT Team / Data Mining Team / Support Team

Sales Team: "We analyze with you all your requirements and needs to create adapted and breakthrough projects maximizing your ROI."

Advisory Board: "The Advisory Services Team covers App Store SEO, ROI Optimization, International Acquisition Campaigns Management…"

Mobile CRM Experts: "Our team of experts will support you with setting up Customer Loyalty Programs."

Media Buying & Planning: "We will identify the best traffic sources, getting the best price (CPC, CPL, CPV, CPD...)."

IT Team: "We choose next generation Mobile Marketing technologies, at the cutting-edge of innovation."

Data Mining Team: "We manage the extraction, integration and analysis of large volumes of DATA to optimize your targeting."

Support Team: "We are here to help you planning, implementing SDK, training, preserving, updating..." Ad4Screen, 02

  • (translated from French:) "Our Experts select the best formats, supports, boards and Ad-Exchanges of the market to effectively highlight the benefits and offers of your mobile site and / or tablet." Ad4Screen, 03

Ad4Screen also helps clients set up trigger marketing campaigns Ad4Screen, 01.

Privacy Policy

Ad4Screen does not appear to list a privacy policy for End Users; see Ad4Screen, 07.


Add4Screen lists 200 customers and 5,000 mobile campaigns Ad4Screen, 02

"They Trust Us": Betclic / Bouyges Telecom / Europcar / SFR / numericable / ebookers / La Tribune / Le Figaro / Universal Music / Axa / Airfrance KLM / Danone / Saxo Banque / Capcom / / nexity / pole emploi / Rocket Internet / Condé Nast / Nestle / / Pages Jaunes / Groupe Casino / / The Walt Disney Company / Price Minister (Rakuten Group) / Club Med / Century 21 / TF1 / Monoprix / / kobojo / Explorimmo / easyflirt / Le Monde / LA Tribune / La Redoute / Malakoff-Médéric / Le PointNathan / Radio France / Orange S.A. (ex France Télécom S.A.) / Pôle emploi (government agency for unemployed) Ad4Screen, 02, Ad4Screen, 05 OTC Agregator Ad4Screen, 01, Ad4Screen, 04

Mobile First Alliance: In 2014, Ad4Screen "split its activities into two separate and independent companies", Accengage and Ad4Screen. Accengage offers a Mobile CRM technology while Ad4Screen specializes in "mobile media buying and mobile relationship marketing consulting". The Mobile First Alliance was formed thereafter, composed of three companies: Accengage, Ad4Screen, and Relatia. (Quotes are translated from French.) Marketing web mobile, 01.


Financial details: Ad4Screen was founded in 2010 and has raised $10 million Ad4Screen, 02; Crunchbase, 01. They were crowdfunded by OTC Agregator, a big French Insurance Company (MMA) and Web contractors (Business Interactive Founders as WCube, Betclic, Boncoin or Poweo) Ad4Screen, 02.

Devices: Mobile and tablet media; iOS and Android Ad4Screen, 03; works with iBeacons Ad4Screen, 07.


Retargeting / Push Notifications / GeoTargeted Mobile Advertising / iBeacon, Geofencing, QR Code / Mobile tracking (including across apps) / Conversion tracking (including intelligent algorithms for in-app conversion)

Mobile Push Notification & In-app Message: "Do you have a smartphone app? Benefit from push notification, the new and efficient communication channel to interact with your app visitors. Communicate in real time, by sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time toward the right place inside the app. Our CRM Mobile Experts help you build customer loyalty programs in order to create more proximity and engagement with your app users."

Customer Loyalty Programs: "Ad4Screen enables you to set up a True Value added customer loyalty programs with your savvy shoppers to dialog with them at each touchpoint of their life cycle.

  • Set up trigger marketing scenarios (send fully automated follow-ups according to mobile user behavior)"
  • Display a welcome message at first open
  • Send out alerq messages tbox messages in an application’s life-cycle (last update, error messages, news feed…)
  • Send out good deals to capture a growing share of revenue
  • Reactive abandoned shopping carts

Mobile Retargeting: "2 retargeting methods roll into action to retarget your digital device users:

  • From opt-in to push notification, mobile users are identified by Ad4Screen as having abandoned their shopping cart and reminded via customized push notifications
  • No opt-in to push are retargeted in a display mode through targeted customized banners and interstitials

Responsive Email: "Ad4Screen delivers a Customer Seamless Experience to read your newsletter on Smartphone by displaying the email according to the device used by the user.

Net benefits with responsive email:

  • Email designed according to the screen size of the device
  • Make it easier to read and interact with your current and prospective customers
  • Optimize Click-Through-Rates (Click-to-Open Rates, Click Conversation Rates)
  • Yield a significant ROI

Mobile Email Tag: "Discover belong your subscribers who read your newsletters from a smartphone and display them in real time a bespoke banner offering to download your app.

Net benefits with Mobile Email Tag:

  • Redefine smartphone users to individual profile
  • Complete mobile user’s status
  • Enrich profiles according to the device used
  • Drive more traffic and generate high quality installs!

Passbook: "Thanks to Ad4Screen, discover Passbook and boost your in-store traffic. The application is able to stock reward cards, ad spend coupons and other tickets. With Passbook you can:

  • Dematerialize your loyalty reward cards, ad spend coupons, tickets… without the need to develop an app dedicate for it
  • Generate in-store traffic by sending a relevant message or a push based on user’s location
  • Plan specific events and remind them the last discount day
  • Recommend to install your iPhone app Ad4Screen, 06


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