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Demdex offers audience management solutions for parts of Adobe's advertising ecosystem.


Adobe Systems Incorporated


Products and Services

Adobe's Audience Manager service was build on top of the Demdex data bank product they acquired in 2011 Analytics Demystified, 01. Some services include:

  • Segmenting: "Build, test, and activate...audiences...based on a set of traits". "Divide millions of records into trait-specific categories" like "moms of grade school kids". Find new prospects with "look-alike modeling"; "pinpoint your most frequent users, as well as how recently they've interacted with your marketing."
  • Cross-device identification: Use the "profiling feature" in Audience Manager "to tie one profile to multiple devices" and "discover if users are sharing a device, for instance, within a household". Target customers "after they may logged off your site or app."
  • Reports: Generate reports like Optimal Frequency reports, Advertiser Performance Reports to gain insight about user interactions like impressions, clicks, and conversions
  • Predictive analytics: Performs predictive analytics
  • Organize your own first party data and augment it with second or third party data with the Audience Marketplace feature
  • Price your data for sale and partners Adobe, 19
  • Geotargeting and location-based targeting: Adobe Mobile Marketing offers "support for many location services, including GPS, geofencing, beacons, and more". Geolocation services allow marketers to "measure and respond to user engagement in mobile apps connected to beacons in sports stadiums, retail stores, and other points of interest. Marketers can also easily deliver “local” notifications and promotions based on proximity to a beacon. In addition, companies can tie app interactions to all other app engagement data in Adobe Analytics" Adobe, 23. Adobe states that "app targeting based on GPS location and proximity to a particular area in a store or event venue", built into Analytics and Target products MarketWatch, 01; Forbes, 01; PCWorld, 01.
  • Real-time geo- and location-based targeting: Adobe's in-app messaging feature " allows marketers to promote real-time content (e.g., new video, breaking news) or cross-promote apps, products, or services to people who are actively using their app. Messages, such as full-screen communications, alerts, and local notifications, can be triggered by analytics data, including user behavior, lifecycle metrics, or location (GPS or iBeacons), that is collected with the Mobile Services SDK. In-app messaging can be deployed without the need for app development or a new app update in the app store" Adobe, 23
  • A/B testing Forbes, 01

A variety of other services extend across the Adobe Marketing & Analytics ecosystem. The Demdex SDK may collect information for those services, including Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager MarketWatch, 01. See "Details" below.

Privacy Policy

Adobe business customers "use Adobe Marketing Cloud services to collect and analyze information, such as clicks made by visitors on their websites" Adobe, 21.

Data Privacy: "App publishers can easily manage opt-in or opt-out functionality to enable compliance with data collection and privacy laws for specific countries including the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). In addition, Adobe Mobile services customers own their data - not Adobe" Forbes, 01.

In 2013, Adobe's Ray Pun stated that users must opt-in for geotargeting services, and that companies must write their terms in conditions "in a language that a normal person can understand, not an attorney" PCWorld, 01.

Mobile privacy policy: Adobe Marketing Cloud states that a "company may also use Adobe Marketing Cloud technologies within its mobile apps. These technologies allow the company to send information to its Adobe Marketing Cloud account -- for example, how you use the company’s mobile apps as well as other information your mobile device may make available to apps, such as location information."

Mobile opt-out: For opting out of mobile data collection and use in connection with Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe states that "Most mobile devices allow you to the limit use of mobile advertising identifiers for interest-based advertising. For more information, please review the instructions provided by your mobile device manufacturer. The Digital Advertising Alliance’s AppChoices app may also provide you with more options to opt out of receiving interest-based advertising within mobile apps. Please see Your Privacy Choices to learn more about your choices for opting out of companies’ use of Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions."

Adobe has an opt-out web page Adobe, 21 and a page for Audience Manager privacy policy Adobe, 22.

Adobe suggests users "review the privacy policy" of the mobile app company "as well as privacy information provided by your mobile device manufacturer" Adobe, 20. They also recommend "self-regulatory sites" like the Digital Advertising Alliance to opt out of advertising solutions by companies who are members of those groups Adobe, 21.


Clients: Princess / Conde Nast / Lenovo Adobe, 17

Partners: Accenture Interactive / Cognizant / Deloitte Digital / dentsu aegis network / Epsilon / Havas / IBM / iCrossing / Infosys / IPG / OmnicomGroup / Publicis Groupe / pwc / Tata Consultancy Services / wipro / WPP Adobe, 24


Financial details & history

In 2011, Adobe acquired Demdex for $109 million Crunchbase, 01. Demdex offered a "behavioral data bank" for advertising purposes. The data bank was used for audience segmenting, and could be plugged into ad servers or services, giving websites and advertisers control over the data. DemDex was added to Adobe's "Online Marketing Suite" (powered by Adobe-acquired Omniture) TechCrunch, 01.

Adobe Audience Manager

Adobe Audience Manager is Adobe's data management platform, built on top of the Demdex product they acquired in 2011 Analytics Demystified, 01. Audience Manager:

  • Gives a "complete view" of an audience by combining clients' data sources into one place Adobe, 17
  • Segments audiences for "smart targeting" and "personalization" for targeted advertisements Adobe, 02
  • Targets "specific segments on any platform" Adobe, 19

It aims to provide "a seamless experience and a seamless profile for all the different marketing cloud solutions to use. It's also a gateway for the broader ecosystem" such that clients with their own proprietary platforms or working with other technologies outside of Adobe, "audience manager helps with the syndication and consistency of that audience regardless of the actual technology that is serving and delivering that audience experience. Ultimately Audience Manager allows marketers to take this vast amount of information, transform it into meaningful audience segments, to deliver the most effective message at the right time" Adobe, 18

Products it integrates with include Adobe Target and Adobe Media Optimizer, as well as solutions beyond the Marketing Cloud Adobe, 19.

Adobe Marketing & Analytics ecosystem: The Adobe Experience Cloud

The Adobe Experience Cloud provides "access to an integrated set of solutions to build campaigns, manage your advertising, and gain deep intelligence about your business. And it’s all unified through powerful core services that give you access to your customer profiles, centralized assets, powerful tagging, and an ecosystem of partners and developers to extend the value of all the solutions". Adobe's Experience Cloud website features the Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Analytics Cloud, and Adobe Marketing Cloud Adobe, 07.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Provides a "set of integrated digital marketing organize, access, and personalize your marketing content". Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions fall into four categories:

  • Measurement solutions, "which help companies measure and understand how you use their websites, apps, social networking pages, as well as how you interact with their online marketing campaigns"
  • Personalization solutions, "which help companies test new content and make their websites, apps, social networking pages, and emails more relevant to you"
  • Content management solutions, "which help companies store, update, and deliver images and other content on their websites, within their apps, and in online marketing materials"
  • Advertising solutions, which help companies improve their online advertising on websites, search engines, and social media platforms. These solutions also help companies send emails, text messages, and other online and offline marketing campaigns" Adobe, 20

Products include:

  • Adobe Experience Manager: "helps you manage all your assets, build websites and mobile apps, and integrate content from online communities" Adobe, 03; Adobe, 10
  • Adobe Campaign: "helps you personalize and deliver your campaigns across all your channels, from web and mobile to email and display" Adobe, 03; Adobe, 11
  • Adobe Target: "helps you turn data into results by testing and personalizing your content so you can deliver the best content to the right audience" Adobe, 03; Adobe, 12
  • Adobe Primetime: "helps you create, deliver, and monetize personal video experiences" Adobe, 03; Adobe, 13
  • Adobe Social: "helps you create relevant social content and quantify your social marketing results" Adobe, 03

Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe states this is "the industry’s first end-to-end platform for managing advertising across traditional TV and digital formats". It is a cross-channel platform that delivers "video, display, and search advertising across any screen in any format"; "media planning and buying are integrated into one programmatic solution" Adobe, 04. Produce include:

  • Demand Side Platform: A "unified cross-channel, software-based solution" to "streamline global advertising from a single platform" Adobe, 05
  • Adobe Media Optimizer: This "uses unified campaign tracking and reporting, real-time bidding, impression-level decisioning abilities, attribution reporting and simulations, and integration with the top ad exchanges to help you meet display objectives" Adobe, 06
  • Brand Safety: Prevent advertising campaigns from "mixing with content and properties that don't align with your brand's image" Adobe, 08
  • Dynamic creative optimization: Reach "specific audiences with flexible ad creative that’s personalized in real time to drive user engagement, conversions, and integrated experiences". Use dynamic creatives to "target customers with flexible ad creative that’s personalized in real time based on site actions, customer and partner data, and third-party demographic data" Adobe, 09

Adobe Analytics Cloud

Adobe Analytics Cloud aims to provide a business' "core intelligence engine". It strives to bring "context to online and offline data" and build "loyalty with customers". It offers "intelligence" and "precise audience creation" to help put "real-time insights into action".

Services include:

  • Accessible analytics: "Make enterprise-level marketing analytics understandable and accessible to everyone in your organization"
  • Precise segmentation: "Continuously refine the view of your customers. As you do, you’ll discover and create high-value audiences and understand the best way to reach them"
  • Real-time tageting: "Connect your analytics with real-time activation so the transition from insight to action is as fast as it can be"
  • Next-generation attribution: "To understand your ROI, you need an objective view of the customer journey across every device and channel — paid, earned, and owned" Adobe, 15

Products include:

  • Adobe Analytics: "Discover your most valuable customer segments and use these insights to steer your entire business with customer intelligence" Adobe, 16
  • Adobe Audience Manager: A "data management platform (DMP) that helps you build unique audience profiles so you can identify your most valuable segments and use them across any digital channel" Adobe, 17

Device support

Adobe's platform support "includes Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Windows Store, and Windows Phone Store, as well as analytics support for Roku, Xbox, AppleTV, PlayStation, and other connected devices" Adobe, 23


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