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Cuebiq is a location data intelligence and analytics company with 51-200 employees. It has offices in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Milan, Italy, and Shanghai, China. See also: OpenCorporates


Cuebiq was founded by Antonio Tomarchio in 2011. The privately-held company's investors include: Goldman Sachs Principal Strategic Investments (PSI), Nasdaq Ventures, DRW Venture Capital, Tribeca Venture Partners, Tribeca Angels, and TLcom Capital. Source: BusinessWire

Its trusted partners include: Clear Channel, Oracle, Google, Facebook, Ubimo, and more. Source: website

What it does

  • Location Tracking (iBeacons, WiFi, NFC or Near Field Communication) & Analytics
  • Footfall Attribution
  • Mobile Data Triangulation
  • Blockchain-based open-data marketing platform

Privacy Policy

Policy as of 18/5/2018, reviewed 18/11/2018:

  • Cuebiq uses a blockchain platform it developed to encrypt and anonymize the personally identifiable information it collects. This is advantageous because (1) it more seamlessly complies with GDPR and (2) enables its partners to efficiently access its ledgers.

  • Cuebiq's policy openly states it ignores DNR (Do Not Track) requests in web browsers.

  • Cuebiq's policy states that it shares information with third parties such as "advertising agency trading desks, proximity solution providers, [and] advertising technology providers" in addition to "other companies and organizations... for instance (without limitation) for scientific, medical, civic, meteorological, automotive, and market-related research."

  • For users outside the EU looking to opt-out, they may limit disclosure by "adjusting the settings on [their] mobile device" and web browsers. Users are refered to the Network Advertising Initiative’s website and the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) website regarding cookies and interest-based advertising. Users are also refered to unnamed individual Publishers and Advertisers, who "may also provide ways [] to opt out from or limit their collection of information."

Detection rules

Code detection rule: com.cuebiq.cuebiqsdk.model.Collector | com.cuebiq.cuebiqsdk.receiver.CoverageReceiver
Network detection rule: cuebiq\.com

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