Uber Analytics

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  • Website: https://uber.com
  • Comment: Uber Analytics tracks location and behavior as part of its suite of apps such as Uber, UberEATS, and Uber Driver.
  • Category: Location, Analytics
  • Code signature: com.ubercab.analytics.|com.ubercab.library.metrics.analytics.|com.ubercab.client.core.analytics.
  • Network signature: events.uber.com
  • Maven repository: NA
  • Artifact ID: NC
  • Group ID: com.ubercab
  • Gradle: NC
  • Additional links: Dissassembled Uber code, Reverse-engineered Uber code
  • Notes: Uber acquired map and location startup deCarta, which included data and maps from TomTom.

Detection rules

Code detection rule: com.ubercab.analytics. | com.ubercab.library.metrics.analytics. | com.ubercab.client.core.analytics.
Network detection rule: events\.uber\.com

Present in 3 applications

Uber Eats
Uber Driver