Millennial Media

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Millennial Media was founded in 2006 and publicly acquired by AOL in 2015. Oath Inc., a Verizon subsidiary, acquired AOL in 2017.


Oath, Inc., owns Millennial Media as a legacy product. Oath is a subsidiary of Verizon Communications. See: OpenCorporates

What it does

  • Behavorial Analytics
  • Personalized Advertising
  • Data Collection

Privacy Policy

Policy as of 27/12/2018:

  • Oath's policy states that it collects device and location information; "the kind of content or ads served, viewed or clicked on; the frequency and duration of your activities; the sites or apps you used before accessing our Services and where you went next; whether you engaged with specific content or ads; and whether you went on to visit an advertiser's website, downloaded an advertiser’s app, purchased a product or service advertised, or took other actions."

  • Information may be collected from third-parties and affilates, publicly-available sources, and appended and matched data from other companies.

  • Oath states that it has "technical, administrative and physical safeguards in place to help protect against unauthorized access, use or disclosure of customer information we collect or store." It also states that while it may share aggregated or pseudonymous information with other companies, this is not personally identifiable information (example given: "name or email address").

  • Oath's privacy controls and opt-out can be found here.

Règles de détection

Règle de détection (code) : com.millennialmedia.
Règle de détection (réseau) : | | | adtech\.de

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