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AdinCube has been acquired by Ogury.

What does Adincube do?

Despite the abundance of mediation solution options available, mobile publishers still struggle to optimize ad revenue and fill 100% of their inventory. Maximum yield is not being realized, and valuable revenue is being left on the table. Adincube Intelligent Mediation solves this problem.

Through one simple integration, Adincube Intelligent Mediation uses artificial intelligence to boost publishers' ad revenue by an average of 218%. The SDK optimizes revenue between all demand sources and buying metrics on the market, ensuring maximum yield from every single impression. Additionally, it gathers publishers’ earnings and pays out immediately.

How does Adincube Intelligent Mediation work?

One SDK plugs publishers into all demand sources on the market eliminating the need for adapters or manual set up of individual accounts. Adincube Intelligent Mediation technology then analyses every available campaign, ad network, ad exchange, buying metric, and creative format in real-time, at ad request level.

Règles de détection

Règle de détection (code) : com.adincube.sdk.
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