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Flurry is part of the Yahoo Developer network suite. Flurry's product, Flurry Analytics, offers mobile analytics, monetization, and advertising services Yahoo, 01; Yahoo, 14; Wikipedia, 01).


Oath Inc. (subsidiary of Verizon Communications; Oath includes Yahoo and AOL) Wikipedia, 01; Ars Technica, 01

Products and Services

Flurry Analytics:

  • Utilizes tracking to analyze user interaction, correlating with other users
  • Groups and correlates user data
  • Tracks in-app actions of users
  • Segments users
  • Funnels users into specific in-app paths
  • Monitors user churn and retention
  • Determines user "personas"
  • Predicts user demographics
  • Monitors user acquisition efforts
  • Measures the impact of advertising campaigns or channels Yahoo, 02.

Analytics services cover in-app behaviors like "making a purchase, playing a song, or sharing on Facebook" Yahoo, 03.

Flurry Pulse provides "the ability to share your app data with integrated partners" Yahoo, 13.

Privacy Policy

Data sharing: As of September 18, 2017, Yahoo stated that Yahoo and Oath "plan to share some user information within the Verizon family of companies which will enable us to integrate our business, allowing us to coordinate more and improve your experiences". Yahoo further explained, "We will share the same information that our companies have previously collected and used for the development and operation of our products and services. This may include your account registration information (such as your user ID, gender, name, email address, postcode & age), your content and advertising interests, content associated with your account, the types of services you use and how you engage with them, cookie and device IDs, IP addresses, geolocation information and activity information from across our websites, apps, software and other services. All of the information that we collect about you may be shared across the various Oath brands and within our Verizon family of companies" Yahoo, 02.

Yahoo shares data with third parties, and allows third parties to place tracking technologies like cookies, web beacons, applicaitons (or "widgets), SDKs, and similar technologies on Yahoo sites and apps. Yahoo adds that "We do not share your personally identifiable information from your Yahoo account with our advertisers or our partners as part of our analytics programs. We may, however, share pseudonymous information - including demographic information - with our advertisers or partners" Yahoo, 04.

Opt-out: Yahoo offers an option to opt out of "interest-based advertising, analysis of communications content for advertising purposes, and the sharing of your information with partners for data matching and appends using the tools" on their Ad Interest Manager website. This includes "Your advertising choices" both "across the web" and "On Yahoo" Yahoo, 05. Their Privacy Controls page offers settings for Marketing Preferences, Ad Interest Manager, Content preferences, Search history, and Location management Yahoo, 06.

"You must allow cookies from Yahoo in order to opt out. To make your opt-out apply to every computer that you use, you must be signed in to your Yahoo account". Yahoo's opt out page also includes "Your interest categories" Yahoo, 05.

Yahoo offers opt-out options for third parties, including the recommendation to visit their websites individually Yahoo, 04.


Yahoo partners: Adxpose (comScore product) / Audience Science / comScore/ScorecardResearch / DoubleVerify / Integral Ads / KN Dimestore / Nielsen / Facebook / Google+ / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Twitter / 30 Boxes / Amazon / Basil (Backstage Technologies) / Bunchball Games / ChitChat (Monusoft) / CoverGirl Beauty Consultant Live Chat / Dropbox / eBay / enDICEr / Love Match/Fun Center (B4U.com) / NDCSA / NewsGator / OtherInBox / Pandaf Games / StumbleUpon / WackyB Twitter Sync / WebEx Co-Browse / YouSendIt / ABC / Astrology.com/iVillage / Cars.com / Healthline / Match.com / Monster Inc. / Nokia Maps / Orbitz / PriceGrabber / Shopzilla / Spotify / Team Fan Shop (Pro Football Weekly) / Tenor / TripAdvisor / TrueCar / Turner / Vast (Autos) / Zillow / ABC News / Blastro.com / Blip.tv / CNBC / CNN / CollegeHumor.com / Dailymotion / Ebaumsworld.com / Ehow.com / Fox News / Gametrailers.com / Good Morning America / Guardian News / Hulu / Metacafe / Metatube.com / Myspace.com / NBC / NFL / PBS / Ustream / Vevo / Videobash.com / Vimeo / Washington Post / Worldstarhiphop.com / YouTube / Chitika / Google / Media.net / Microsoft / NetSeer / Yandex / Abaca Technology Corporation / AOL / Authentication Metrics / Aviary / Bankrate / Bloomreach (Commerce SEO) / Branch.io / Detroit Trading Company / Dropbox / Google / HelloWorld, Inc. / HortonWorks / Lashback / Luminate / Manilla / Outbrain / Paypal / Project Slice / SigFig / Symantec / Trend Micro / Truedomain / Urban Airship / Vantage (Yahoo Real Estate) Yahoo, 04


Financial Details: Flurry was founded in 2005. By December 2013, it had raised $62.5 million TechCrunch, 01. On July 21, 2014 Yahoo bought Flurry for a reported $200-300 million TechCrunch, 02. Flurry partnered with Research Now, a digital data collecting firm, in 2014, for the purpose of "to track mobile app users, offline" AdAge, 01.

Scope: By December 6, 2013, Flurry told TechCrunch "400,000 apps are using its analytics product, with 20,000 additions each month, and that it's tracking activity from 1.2 billion smartphones and tablets. It also said that it's working with 125,000 developers" TechCrunch, 01.

Additional services: Additional Flurry Analytics features for Android include:

  • Revenue Analytics Yahoo, 07
  • Crash Analytics Yahoo, 08
  • Track Geographic Location (at the city level where the app is being used; or, without that level of detail, the country level as based on IP address)
  • Track user ID and demographics
  • Track page views Yahoo, 09
  • Object-based API for Native, Interstatial and Banner ads Yahoo, 10
  • User paths reporting Yahoo, 11
  • Utilizes mobile SDK in apps to inject advertising, including video: "Monetize your app with native and video ads from Yahoo, Flurry, and BrightRoll advertisers" Yahoo, 12


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