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Smart uses a "full stack ad technology" for digital campaigns Smart, 03. They deliver "multi-screen and multi-channel advertising" for clients Smart, 01.




Products and Services

Solutions for publishers: Ad Server / Programmatic / Mobile / Video / Ad Formats Smart, 04

Full stack ad technology platform: Smart is a full stack ad technology platform: "We come to work because we want to solve the biggest problem publishers, advertisers and agencies face in online advertising — control. It’s simple. When other companies sell and resell your ad inventory and data through various parties, you depreciate your company’s value along the way. Smart’s integrated ad server and RTB+ Solution allows you to maintain control over your valuable media assets. We provide you with one robust engine to drive your revenues at any scale. Your ad server is the core of your business. It’s your most important strategic asset. It’s that much more powerful when it is seamlessly integrated with RTB+ and can handle the monetization and delivery of any kind of ads – display, rich media, video – on any platform – web, mobile web or mobile apps" Smart, 05.

Holistic Ad Server: "One integrated platform to run your entire advertising business, including direct and programmatic campaigns, across all digital formats and screens. Optimize operations without losing time switching between platforms... As the central piece of the puzzle, the ad server gets the big picture. It can optimize the value of each impression by taking absolutely all parameters into account in real time allowing direct sales to compete with programmatic ones. The platform dynamically allocates ads by incorporating all activity on the network: traffic and inventory forecasting, delivery planning, guaranteed campaign commitments, offers, and targeting parameters" Smart, 04.

"The Smart AdServer full stack platform features both an ad server and an SSP. From a single entry point, you can manage all your revenue sources: direct, programmatic and ad network mediation. Our outstanding holistic yield optimization algorithm ensures that each impression is sold through the best sales channel in order to maximize your overall revenue" Smart, 06.

The service offers:

  • Cross-platform delivery
  • Forecasting
  • Ad format builder
  • Viewability measurement
  • Open and extendable services
  • Expert support Smart, 04

Premium Programmatic: "Our cross-platform, cross-device, cross-channel technology is 100% independent, 100% publisher-focused and easy-to-use. Access top quality buyers via an SSP integrated into the ad server." This can:

  1. Deliver premium ad campaigns (for rich media, native ads, and video)
  2. Manage any type of deal (open auction for unreserved inventory; direct deals of fixed-price unreserved inventory; private auctions for buyers; and guaranteed deals with same options as for direct campaigns)
  3. Regain full control of your inventory (granular control over RTB rules, including transparency level of your inventory, setting floor prices, and block-lists; quality monitoring utilizing smart machine learning, 3rd party tools, transparency reports, and a creative control interface)
  4. Optimize your advertising revenue (manage all of your revenue sources - direct, programmatic, and ad network mediation - from a single interface). A holistic yield optimization algorithm ensures impressions sold through the best sales channel to maximize revenue; an RTB+ Dashboard offers analytics for insights and revenue decisions; Smart AdServer teams to consult; and Smart Yield+ to optimize rules and price floors Smart, 08.

RTB Mobile: Deliver relevant mobile ad experiences, using rich media templates so "you can create a campaign even if you don’t have stellar technical skills" Smart, 09.


650+ customers Smart, 11 150+ integrated partners Smart, 10

Demand partners: Radium one / Turn / AppNexus / DoubleClick bid manager by Google / MediaMath / Adform / criteo (A.I. marketing platform) / nextperf / theTradeDesk / sociomantic / quantcast / Index / BidSwitch / DataXu / AdRoll / Vizury / Sitescout / Liquid M / LDmobile / mediasmart / Trademob / A mob / StikeAd / loopMe / DynAdmic / Zebestof / Pocketmath / adelphic / TLVMedia Smart, 10 / himediagroup / aufeminin / Axel Springer / SFR Régie / Orange / M-Publicite / L'Équipe / Clarín / Genesismedia / Antevenio / Smart, 13


  • 2nd screen: screenpulse / TVTY Real Time / Visiware International
  • 3rd Party Vendors: adform / celtra / DoubleClick by Google / Atlast by Facebook / flashtalking / InMobi / inspired / justAd / MobileAds / S4M / Sizmek / userADgents / weborama / Joule
  • Analytics: Keynote / S4M
  • Audience Data: AudienceScience / ezakus / / navegg / Tail Target / krux
  • Brandsafety: adwatchisobar
  • Content Delivery Network: Akamai / Level(3)
  • Creatives: iab / iab MRAID webTester / iab compliant VAST
  • Environment: Android / HTML5 / W3C
  • Forecast: Yieldex
  • Membership: iab / MMA (Mobile Marketing Association)
  • Order management: / / fivia /
  • Privacy: Ghostery / Your Online Choices
  • Publishing Networks: Facebook / Google Display Network / msn / Pandora / Q1 Media / The New Yorker / Travel+ Leisure / YouTube
  • Video Players: brightcove / Dailymotion / flowplayer / JWPlayer / OOYALA
  • Viewability: AppNexus Smart, 10

Antevenio (ad network that delivers 1.2 billion ad impressions/month to MTV, Paramount, Libertad Digital, Letsbonus, Repsol, BBC, etc. - see Smart, 07) / access to 50,000 leading global marketer brand buyers through Smart AdServer's Demand Partner Network Smart, 08 altitude digital / adikteev Smart, 11 / Fraudlogix Smart, 12

In 2012, Smart AdServer teamed up with Rubicon Project for integration into their client base ExchangeWire, 01.

Industry Affiliations: European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance Ghostery, 01

Privacy policy

Cookies & Web Beacons: "Like most digital marketing solutions, Smart AdServer uses “cookies” and other technologies to enhance users’ experiences on the web, to deliver more relevant ads, and for ad delivery and reporting. We cannot use these technologies to personally identify you, and these technologies do not damage your system or files. Smart AdServer uses these technologies to help recognize a unique computer or device so we are able to deliver relevant advertising and measure the impact of that advertising."

Cookie Opt-Out: The cookie opt-out policy allows users to "opt out form our advertising network" and "ensures you that your browser will not be identify anymore by our system", see " A blank page will open, confirming the opt-out process has been completed and Smart AdServer will no longer place cookies on your computer."

Online Behavioral Advertising opt-out via YourOnlineChoices platform: "Smart AdServer is a member of the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) and a signatory to the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising ("

The EDAA offers a Consumer Choice Page ( (opt-out). To learn more, please visit" Smart, 02

Smart promises no personal identity is revealed through their practices: "Online measurements are compiled and anonymous"; "We cannot use [ cookies and other technologies ] to personally identify you"


Financial Details: Smart AdServer was created by Internet portal in 2001 clubic, 01. In 2007, Axel Springer acquired Smart AdServer became independent from when it was acquired by Sino-French private-equity fund Cathay Capital for 37 million € Wikipedia, 01; JDN, 01; Smart, 14; Cathay, 01. Smart AdServer "generated turnover of $16 million in 2014" Ad Exchanger, 01.


Financial details: Smart was founded in 2001 Crunchbase, 01

Scope: For programmatic buyers:

  • 50 billion auctions per month on desktop 30 billion auctions per month on mobile
  • 650+ publishers / 800 million unique visitors
  • 30,000 sites and apps Smart, 11
  • 150 billion monthly impressions Smart, 13


Cookies & Web Beacons are used (including pixel tags) Smart, 02

"Sites and Advertisers are using the system to manage the delivery of their online advertising campaigns. They can collect anonymous statistical data on their visitors to follow the delivery of their campaign and to increase their performance. We may also collect information including your IP address, your ISP, the browser you used to visit a site, and in some cases, whether you have Flash installed. This is generally used for geotargeting purposes or showing certain ads depending on your browser configuration. Online measurements are compiled and anonymous. They essentially relate to Internet advertising campaign exposure: the number of impression of a banner, the number of clicks or the number of visitors having seen the campaign. Some statistics may relate to the performance of the campaign (‘return of investment’). In addition to that, Smart AdServer may use cookies to provide advanced statistical data." Smart, 02


  1. Location targeting based on: device type; connection type; location through geotargeting; SDK version; screen size; any sales channel; geofencing ("Use GPS positioning to pinpoint your target audience based on proximity to a location").

  2. Prefetch: Deliver ads to users when offline (eg, during commute)

  3. Viewability: "Measure the number of viewable impressions and define viewability settings based on parameters such as location and area of ad exposure."

  4. Reporting and forecasting: "Get real-time campaign statistics as well as accurate and reliable forecasts based on date, media type, operator, brand model, location and more."

  5. Showcasing: "Showcase apps by previewing ad on actual devices before it goes live" Smart, 09


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